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September 6, 2013 – 11:09
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Biffi has been a leading manufacturer of valve actuators for more than 50 years. We are one of the few manufacturers who has a global presence and can offer customers a comprehensive selection of standard as well as specially designed actuation products including; electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, gas-hydraulic and subsea actuators. All are available with a full complement of accessories suitable for a wide range of applications. Biffi’s database of custom designed actuation solutions continually assists customers in optimizing their valve automation requirements in a wide variety of segments including; pipelines, oil and gas, chemical and power generation.

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For over 75 years, KTM process floating and trunnion mounted ball valves have provided outstanding performance, with pioneering soft and metal seated designs that are specifically engineered for demanding process applications in the petrochemical, chemical and coal gasification industries.

In an age of increasing technologically complex processes, our globally trusted expertise and reliability in manufacturing ensure quality products and tailor-made solutions matched by excellence in after-sales service.

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Morin manufactures a wide variety of scotch yoke actuators in corrosion resistant configurations to offer customers superior performance in harsh environments. These products are used for the remote control of ball, butterfly, rotary plug or damper style valves in the chemical process, off-shore marine, oil and gas, pharmaceutical and power industries. These products can be offered for pneumatic, high pressure pneumatic or hydraulic service. Morin also designs control package solutions to meet unique valve automation requirements, such as quick acting valve automation, partial stroke testing and SIL3 capable systems.

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Westlock provides innovative solutions for the networking, monitoring and control of process valves. With millions of our conventional control monitors in service around the world and an installed base of over 100, 000 valves networked using our Intellis products and network engineering services, we have application and field experience that are one of the best in the world.

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Much of the shuttle has gone to fiber optic

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But the control actuators still need to be powered, and that comes from the cabin.
Actually you don't need to slice the cabin there. you can pretty much just slice it off where it meets the body. Keeping the entire rear cabin bulkhead. And separating it simply from the wing spars. This leaves the entire front heat shields, the front parabolic nose for handling the extreme speeds that it will already be at. The nose contains large spheres of propellant, and with the intact thrusters it would be able to keep itself oriented correctly into the wind during separation and after.
Wireless controls are always subject to more interference

Fieldbus for steam-drain control  — InTech
Ultimately, when you minimize signals, you improve the overall efficiency and performance of the network.

Dwyer Instruments Dwyer Proximity Series DT Detector Positioner Sensor, Standard Actuator, Magnetic, 0.1" Sensing Distance
BISS (Dwyer Instruments)
  • Switch Type: Tungsten, SPDT, Form C.
  • Electrical Rating: 3A@ 125 VAC, 3A@ 30 VDC.
  • Intrinsically Safe: Simple apparatus (w/barrier).
  • Conduit: 1/2-14 female NPT.
  • Electrical Connection: Factory sealed leads with 18? minimum, 4 conductor, PVC insulated, 18 AWG - green/red/black/white (ground/NC/NO/common).
Siemens Positioner Actuator Feedback Spring
Single Detail Page Misc (Siemens)
Johnson Controls, Inc. Pneumatic Damper Actuator Positioner, D-3244 Actuator
BISS (Johnson Controls, Inc.)
  • Johnson Product D-9502-5
ES12207-03 Control Valves, Actuators, and Positioners in Spanish
Book (Prentice Hall)

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