Robot Hand Uses One Actuator to Provide Gripping Action

September 6, 2013 – 11:09
Soft Actuator | Actuator & Automation LAB


The D-Hand robotic hand sold by DOUBLE Research and Development provides gripping action with a single actuator. The D-Hand mimics the bone structure of the human body to provide uniform grip pressure without using multiple pressure sensors, and provides naturalness in the shape and thickness of its fingertips.

"Conventional robotic hands use an actuator for each joint, or for each finger. Grasping an object requires determination of the control joint angle for each actuator. The D-Hand reduces the expense needed for programming after purchasing the hand, and we can also provide the hand itself much less expensively because it has fewer motors."

All fingers are connected to a single cooperative link structure, which automatically adjusts to provide uniform pressure to the object being gripped, and makes it possible to grip complex, irregular objects. DOUBLE anticipates that, because of this feature, the hand will be used in applications such as assembly or food production lines, search and rescue robots, and in R&D for engineering technology.

"The type we're demonstrating here is priced at about 600, 000 yen ($7, 500), including motors and control program. Most of our customers have wanted customizations, such as slightly longer fingers, or a slightly smaller size when the hand is open. The pricing changes somewhat depending on the customizations needed. In the future we'd like to target food and beverage related fields, including vegetables such as we're demonstrating here, as well as fish and meat, and underwater applications."

In addition to the D-Hand technology, the company is aiming to develop robot hands capable of recognizing and handling randomly stacked objects, using a camera. Research is underway in conjunction with university research organizations.

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Manual valve control

2012-05-17 19:04:40 by snuffbox

A competent diagnostician would be able to determine if the wiring to the valves is good (a gopher can chew the wire and ruin your day). If one of the wires (say the common) is chuffed, but you have multi-conductor and another wire is available, proper marking (coloured shrink tubing rocks for this), and you can swap to another wire.
In the meantime, if your irrigation valves have manual actuators on them, you should be able to flip them on manually so that plants still get watered - you just have to remember to turn them off too.
I just re-plumbed the 1/2" dripline supply run for a row of rose bushes in front of my house (was easier to pull out all of the original dripline when I went to do a wood-chip project, rather than to work around the dripline), but I had the...

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Ultimately, when you minimize signals, you improve the overall efficiency and performance of the network.

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