Bettis Valve Actuators

September 6, 2013 – 11:09

BHH/BL line of hydraulic quarter-turn and linear double-acting and spring-return actuators are compact and concentric. Converts hydraulic energy into rotation or linear motion with the torque output proportional to the supply pressure.

CBA-300 Series pneumatic actuators are compact, lightweight and ideal for automating ball, butterfly, non-lubricated plug valves, or any quarter-turn rotating mechanism. Available in double-acting and spring-return models and certified to IP66 and IP67M.

CBB-Series pneumatic actuators are compact, lightweight, ideal for automating ball, butterfly, non-lubricated plug valves, or any quarter-turn rotating mechanism. Avail in double-acting and spring-return models. Certified to BS5490: 1977-IP66 and IP67M.

D-Series reliable pneumatic rack and pinion actuators. Designed for operation of plug, butterfly, ball valves, and other 90ยบ turn devices. They are compact and lightweight, making them suitable for installation within areas of tight piping connections.

E-Series pneumatic and hydraulic scotch yoke actuators operate ball, butterfly, plug valves, and other 90 degree turn devices. They provide a reliable method for operating valves via remote or automatic control by incorporating a variety of accessories.

Bettis Gas/Hydraulic actuators use high pressure pipeline gas supply as their power source in gas/transmission pipelines. Available in rotary and linear versions and can be supplied with remote control and linebreak systems.

The G-Series scotch yoke pneumatic and hydraulic actuator has state-of-the-art features and an enhanced modular design for improved efficiency, reduced wear and extended life. Available with symmetric or canted yoke. SIL 3 suitable and ATEX certified.

GVO-Series pneumatic linear actuators offer safety shutdown and control applications. Available for low or high pressure operation in double-acting, spring-return or fail-safe configurations. Also available with optional jackscrew manual overrides.

The HD-Series actuators provide a practical and reliable method for opening and closing valves by remote control without the need for expensive and unnecessary gearing, hydraulic pumps or other motor driven devices.


Intermatic Intermatic PE24VA 24-Volt Pool/Spa Water Valve Actuator
Lawn & Patio (Intermatic)
  • Automates compatible 2-way and 3-way diverter valves
  • For pool/spa combinations
  • For pool/water feature combinations
  • Adjustable cam rotates diverter valves to multiple degree settings
  • Retro fits into all pool/spa control systems on the market

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Lufthansa 540 - Human error and lack of warning. Flight engineer did not open a valve that would have allowed the bleed air that powers the LE flaps to have reached the actuators. Lack of warning that the flaps were not in the commanded position was a contributing factor, and such a warning was subsequently added
MK 1602 - Human error. The overworked crew miscalculated the necessary takeoff speed and thrust setting, resulting in them taking off too early and without enough power.
List of all 747 hull loss accidents:


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The aerodynamics are novel, combining vestigial cruciform wings with tail control surfaces of a lattice configuration (similar devices are used on the R-400 Oka). Each surface consists of a metal frame containing a blade-like grid assembly which combines a greater control area, and thus lifting force, with reduced weight and size. The development for this control concept took three years of theoretical work and testing. Referred to by the Russians as gas dynamic declination devices, these surfaces require less powerful actuators than conventional fins, and have a lower RCS

Fieldbus for steam-drain control  — InTech
Ultimately, when you minimize signals, you improve the overall efficiency and performance of the network.

ACDelco ACDelco 15-73952 Mode Control Camshaft Actuator
Automotive Parts and Accessories (ACDelco)
McGraw-Hill Professional Valve Handbook 3rd Edition
Book (McGraw-Hill Professional)
Dragonmarts Co. Ltd. / Uxcell Jardin Aquarium Fish Tank Air Flow Control Lever Pump Single Way Valve, 4-Piece
Pet Products (Dragonmarts Co. Ltd. / Uxcell)
  • Product name : air flow control valve; fit for : aquarium, fish tank
  • Material: stainless steel;outlet hole diameter: 3 2mm/0 126
  • Thread Diameter: 5. 2mm/0. 2 ;Size: 2. 1 x 2. 4 x 0. 8cm /0. 83 x 0. 94 x 0. 31 (L*W*T)
  • Color : Silver Tone;Weight : 28g
  • Package content : 4 x air flow control valve
Pentair Pentair CVA24T 180-Degrees Valve Actuator Replacement Pool and Spa Valve
Lawn & Patio (Pentair)
  • 180-Degrees valve actuator replacement
  • Fits 3-port Compool, Ortega and Jandy pool and spa valves
  • Prevents dead-heading of pumps; corrosion-proof enclosure
  • Includes 3-wire 25-feet cable; 24-VAC
  • Service switch for flow direction and ETL recognized; UL listed for use with IntelliTouch; measures 18-inch length by 13-inch height by 11-inch width

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