Moog Industrial Hydraulic Servo Actuators

September 6, 2013 – 11:09

Industrial Hydraulic Servo Actuators

A085 Series Servo Actuators Moog A085 Series Servo Actuators combine high performance cylinders, linear feedback devices and servovalves in one assembly.

  • High frequency applications
  • Compact size allows for small footprint
  • Flexible mounting and interface options

Test Actuators

Moog has vast experience developing actuators for some of the world's most demanding applications and building high performance motion control components is one of our strengths.

Hydraulic Service Manifold (PDF)

The Moog Hydraulic Service Manifold (HSM) provides an on/off isolation control to a test system or individual hydraulic actuator. The input side of the HSM is connected to a central Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU).The output side is connected to one or more servo controlled hydraulic actuators. It also provides additional filtration and has accumulators for removing pressure and flow fluctuation and storing energy.

Custom Solutions

Meeting your special performance characteristics

  • Servovalve modifications
  • Optimized packaging to reduce envelope size
  • Special performance requirements such as longer life,high duty cycle and more
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BISS (awasy2415)


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The aerodynamics are novel, combining vestigial cruciform wings with tail control surfaces of a lattice configuration (similar devices are used on the R-400 Oka). Each surface consists of a metal frame containing a blade-like grid assembly which combines a greater control area, and thus lifting force, with reduced weight and size. The development for this control concept took three years of theoretical work and testing. Referred to by the Russians as gas dynamic declination devices, these surfaces require less powerful actuators than conventional fins, and have a lower RCS

Fieldbus for steam-drain control  — InTech
Ultimately, when you minimize signals, you improve the overall efficiency and performance of the network.

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