Johnson Controls Fire and Smoke control HVAC Dampers

September 6, 2013 – 11:10

Johnson Controls Fire/Smoke Dampers

Drop shipped to your job site—no extra charge!

The FS-1620 is UL listed and tested to the latest UL-555S and UL-555 standards.

The FS-1620 includes a factory installed actuator which should be cycled at least once every six months.

The FS-1620 is available with factory installed blade position switch to connect to smoke control systems and indicate when blades are fully open or fully closed.

FS-1620 standard dampers are available in one inch increments. Actual damper size is 1/4" less than nominal. All Johnson Controls damper dimensions are from the outside edges of the damper frame.

All Johnson Controls Dampers are built to order,just in time,and cannot be returned due to customer ordering errors.


  • 1-1/2 hour fire rating
  • 250 or 350°F rated actuators
  • Three-year warranty
  • Shipping in as little as five working days from order entry

FS-1620 Class II Combination Fire/Smoke Damper Selection Chart
(Click on chart to enlarge)

Factory Options

D = DSDN,no flow duct smoke detector
E = Exact whole inch size,no undercut
F = Fast Angle with Sleeve (panels up to 72” x 48” high will include one angle,panels larger than 72” x 48” in will include two angles)
I = Factory-installed Blade Position Switch Kit
Q = Internal Mount Actuator (minimum size for electric is 10” wide x 21” high,pneumatic is 18” wide x 24” high
V = Transition to round or oval duct (maximum size is 70” x 92”

Johnson Controls Fire Dampers

Drop shipped to your job site—no extra charge!

A fire damper is designed to close to restrict the spread of fire. Fire dampers are made with loaded opposed damper blades held open by a fusible link that is temperature rated either 165°F or 212°F.When excessive heat occurs,the fusible link melts and a high torque spring immediately closes the blades and shuts off the air supply. Once the damper closes,it must be manually reopened and a new single use fusible link must be installed. Typically the code will specify the link temperature. The 212°F links are used in attics and ceilings where 165°F links can cause nuisance failures.

Johnson Controls’ Multi-blade Fire dampers are UL Standard 555 rated for 1.5 hours. These dampers meet the requirements of the 1996 edition of NFPA-90A for use in a fire partition rated less than three hours. They are dynamically rated for up to 3500 fpm air flow and 8 inches static pressure.Packed with the dampers are NFPA-90B Certified Installation Instructions that help you comply with the installation codes.

FD-1600 Fire Damper Selection Chart (Click on chart to enlarge)

Factory Options

E = Exact whole inch size,no undercut
F = Angle
L = Sleeve,20 gauge,20” length
V = Transition to round or oval duct

Johnson Controls Smoke/Control Dampers

Drop shipped to your job site—no extra charge!

With more emphasis being placed on the safety of the building occupants,more buildings are being equipped with life safety devices to prevent loss of life in an emergency. Building codes are being tightened to limit the spread of fire and smoke within buildings. Johnson Controls’ SD-1300 Series Smoke Dampers are two dampers in one. They are actuated by either an 8–13# pneumatic or an electric two-position actuator for control use. When closed,these dampers are leakage rated and tested in accordance with UL Standard 555S. Actuators are UL rated for this service and are only available factory installed as a matched set with the damper.


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The aerodynamics are novel, combining vestigial cruciform wings with tail control surfaces of a lattice configuration (similar devices are used on the R-400 Oka). Each surface consists of a metal frame containing a blade-like grid assembly which combines a greater control area, and thus lifting force, with reduced weight and size. The development for this control concept took three years of theoretical work and testing. Referred to by the Russians as gas dynamic declination devices, these surfaces require less powerful actuators than conventional fins, and have a lower RCS

Fieldbus for steam-drain control  — InTech
Ultimately, when you minimize signals, you improve the overall efficiency and performance of the network.

Johnson Controls Johnson Controls D-3073-100 rubber boot kit
Single Detail Page Misc (Johnson Controls)
  • Johnson Controls
  • D-3073-100
  • Rubber Boot Kit with Ball Joint
  • For D-3073 damper actuator
Johnson Controls, Inc. Johnson damper actuator 8-13# spring W/univ bracket
BISS (Johnson Controls, Inc.)
  • Johnson Product D-3153-2
Johnson Controls, Inc. Johnson Controls, Inc. M9104GGA2S DAMPER ACTUATOR 4 NM NSR; 4 NM DPR ACT0
BISS (Johnson Controls, Inc.)
  • Johnson Product M9104-GGA-2S

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