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There are several important considerations for evaluating actuator design and overall performance.

Among these considerations are torque output versus cost and size; effectiveness of seals,ease of mounting and adding accessories.

RSVP 1031 actuators are computer designed to properly balance these criteria and to provide the alternative or combination of alternatives that best fit your particular needs.

Quality,safety,dependability and efficiency are built into every RSVP 1031 actuator.


The body configuration is computer designed to optimize the transmission of force through the piston rod to the torque plug. Sturdy bearing surfaces assure effective sealing and long life through efficient torque transmission. A thrust pin is secured to the piston rod,and a roller is placed over the pin to allow free movement within the slot of the torque plug. This acts to reduce friction and wear. The torque plug has a closed cast slot; it is not open on one end.As a result,there will be no lost motion due to springing open under high torques. Obviously,to obtain maximum efficiency,all tolerances are closely held.

More than economy,efficiency means dependability. For example,the journals of the torque plug provide wide bearing surfaces for ease of rotation. These also resist side thrust and wear caused by possible misalignment in mounting to a valve or damper. The piston rod slides through bronze bearings secured between the body and the cylinder adapter or rod cover.The bearing is designed to minimize friction,but the area is sufficient to counter side thrust and wear.


The RSVP 1031 actuator is designed with three modules. The first module is the center-body. We offer five different sizes of center-bodies; 26,33,45,60 and 80. The second module is the power assembly. The third is the spring assembly. The power and spring assembly modules are removable,serviceable and interchangeable without removing the center-body module from the valve. This procedure does not require any special tools.

1. Body Assembly: Heavy duty modular type body allows every actuator to be made spring return or double acting.

2. Scotch-Yoke: A balanced scotch-yoke mechanism provides optimum torque output and maintenance simplicity by transforming the linear travel of the piston into a 90 degree rotating movement.

3. Thrust Pin & Roller: A thrust pin is secured to the piston rod and rollers are placed over
the pin to allow free movement within the slot of the torque plug.

4. Torque Plug Seal: O-rings are located both top and bottom preventing environments from entering the body housing.

5. Yoke Bearings: Located on both top and bottom of the scotch-yoke, these UHMW polyethylene replaceable bearings allow the actuator to cycle more than any actuator in its class and aid in applications where the actuators are left in one position for years.

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2009-10-24 19:56:39 by --

The aerodynamics are novel, combining vestigial cruciform wings with tail control surfaces of a lattice configuration (similar devices are used on the R-400 Oka). Each surface consists of a metal frame containing a blade-like grid assembly which combines a greater control area, and thus lifting force, with reduced weight and size. The development for this control concept took three years of theoretical work and testing. Referred to by the Russians as gas dynamic declination devices, these surfaces require less powerful actuators than conventional fins, and have a lower RCS

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Ultimately, when you minimize signals, you improve the overall efficiency and performance of the network.

MPC Remote Control Wiring & Switch Kit for Linear Actuators
Automotive Parts and Accessories (MPC)
  • Custom wiring & remote control switch kit for hooking up 12 volt linear actuators
  • Two 2-button remote controls & compact remote receiver
  • 2 Relays & Prewired Relay Harness
  • Female DIN plugs that plug into the actuators
  • Push-on plugs to connect the relay harness to the switch
OTC OTC 4021 Air/Hydraulic Pump with Remote Control Actuator
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  • This pump has the power and oil capacity to drive even the large 55-ton rams
  • Ideal all-around power sources for dozens of body frame and alignment applications
  • Can be used with a variety of rams presses and hydraulic pullers operating at up to 1 PSI
  • Internal relief valve protects the hydraulic components regardless of hydraulic pressure
  • Two-stage release mechanism gives fast or metered ram return while reducing hydraulic shock
Progressive Automations Progressive Automations Linear Actuator Control with Wired Remote (Controls 4 Actuators Individually)
BISS (Progressive Automations)
  • Input Voltage: 110 VAC
  • Output Voltage: 12 VDC
  • Controls 4 actuators individually
  • Wired Remote
RM01 RM01 1 Channel Wireless Control On/Off
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  • Remotely control any 12 Volt DC device with the push of a button.
  • Includes two automotive quality key fob transmitters w/ batteries.
  • 12 volt input / output. Rated up to 6 amps. Instructions included.
  • Key fob transmitters feature On and Off buttons.
  • Easy to install with basic electrical wiring knowledge.

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