GLA750 Short-stroke 12V DC Linear Actuator

September 6, 2013 – 11:09

Operating Characteristics


12V DC 25W

Operating voltage:


No Load speed:


No Load Current:


Full Load Speed:


Maximum load:


Current for max. load:


Maximum static load:

2300N (183kg)

To change the direction of travel simply swap the polarity of the power supply to the two actuator leads.This actuator is designed primarily for compression loads,it will typically work OK in tension but may be more susceptible to damage from overloading. Shock loads through the mounting points should be avoided if possible.

The actuator motor may be run at a higher or lower than rated voltage as with any DC motor,but be aware that the limit switch circuit is not designed for higher voltages so should be disconnected if increasing the operating voltage and expecting high operating loads.

We cannot cover operation of actuators at above nominal voltage or rated load,replacements are dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Key Specifications

Prices from £54.00/each

Maximum Force:

750N (76kg)

No Load Speed:


Max. Static Load:

2300N (234kg)

Max. Force Speed:


Available stroke lengths:


The GLA750 Short-stroke is a compact 12V linear actuator
designed specifically for applications where a short extension distance is required. Uses include electric braking systems,lever adjustment and valve opening,providing a higher-strength alternative to solenoids and similar devices.

It is simply a smaller version of our GLA750 model,meaning the actuator may provide up to 750N (76kg) of pushing force or support an even greater static load of 2300N (234kg).

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Actuator Build Detail


(click image to expand)

Installation length:

135mm (distance from front to rear mounting holes)


Two 6mm holes. One is on the end of the piston rod,the other on the gearbox housing

Body material:

Aluminium piston rod and main sleeve & zinc plated steel gearbox and motor housing. Rated to IP64,suitable for most outdoor use

Gearbox type:

Three stage spur gears,all-metal stages

Screw type:


Limit switches:

Pre-installed at ends of travel. Click here to see a circuit diagram




GLA750 short-stroke actuator dimensions, click to expand

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Progressive Automations Progressive Automations Linear Actuator Stroke Size 6", Force 15 lbs, Speed 1.2"/sec
BISS (Progressive Automations)
  • Voltage: 12 VDC
  • Stroke: 6
  • Force: 15 lbs
  • Current: 5A max
  • Retracted length: 10.13 and fully extended length: 16.13


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DC 12V 0.2A Push Type Open Frame Actuator Electric Solenoid
BISS (uxcell)
  • Product Name: Open Frame Solenoid
  • Material: Metal, Electronic Parts; Color: As Picture Shown
  • Rated Voltage: DC 12V; Action Form: Push; Stroke & Force: 1mm, 100gf 3mm, 27gf; Current: 0.2A
  • Body Size: 4.4 x 1.6 x 1.3cm/1.7x 0.6x 0.5(L*W*H); Cylinder Size: 1.4 x 1.1cm/0.6x 0.4 (L*D)
  • Pluger Dia.: 0.5cm/0.2 ; Cable Length: 10cm/3.9
Amico Amico DC 12V Open Frame Type Solenoid for Electric Door Lock
Photography (Amico)
  • Product Name : Door Solenoid;Material : Metal, Electronic Parts;Color : Silver Tone
  • Rated Voltage : DC 12V;Rated Stroke & Force : 2mm, 1300kgf,5mm, 850gf;Power : 16W
  • Current : 1.3A;Total Size : 6.6 x 4.2 x 3cm/2.6x 1.7x 1.2 (L*W*H)
  • Cylinder Size : 3 x 2cm/1.2x 0.8(L*D);Cable Length : 15cm/5.9
  • Net Weight : 208g;Package Content : 1 x Door Solenoid Electromagnet

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