UniTorq Actuators and Controls has a constant commitment to developing pneumatic valve actuation, pneumatic actuators, rack and pinion actuators, and pneumatic rack and pinion actuators.

September 6, 2013 – 11:09
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UniTorq's constant commitment to developing new and innovative ideas for pneumatic valve actuation products makes us the worldwide leader in pneumatic rack and pinion actuator design features.

The UniTorq "M" Series rack and pinion pneumatic actuator offers the industry's broadest line of pneumatic industrial valve and damper actuators on the market. Manufactured in 90, 120, 135, 180, 240 and 270 rotation, and there are 16 sizes to choose from.

Double acting units start at 100in.lbs. And go up to 37, 200in.lbs. of output torque at 80 PSI. Fail safe, spring return models have output torque's of 17 to 15, 600in.lbs. All units will operate from -10F. to 195F and from 20 PSIG to 150 PSIG input pressure. Optional high and low temp seals and bearings are available on all sizes.

All UniTorq rack and pinion pneumatic actuators can be easily and safely field converted from double acting configuration to fail safe spring return configuration by inserting the correct number of patented spring cartridges to the double acting unit. Thus, eliminating bulky housing extensions, saving weight and space. Specially designed, preloaded self-contained spring cartridges are completely contained before end cap screws release, ensuring for the safest design of installation and removal in the industry.

The UniTorq rack and pinion pneumatic actuator is an uncomplicated compact design. Internal porting eliminates the need for costly, external tubing. Accessory mounting is to all NAMUR standards. The pneumatic actuator drive side meets ISO 5211 dimensional standards. Solenoid mounting to NAMUR specifications is available, and is standard on all sizes.

The standard UniTorq pneumatic actuator body is extruded, machined, hard anodized internally and externally, then polyester powder epoxy painted for maximum external and internal protection. UniTorq now offers ANI nickel impregnated bodies with stainless steel pinions and all stainless steel for maximum corrosion protection.

UniTorq pistons are die-cast aluminum and the pinion is carbon steel, electroless nickel-plated. Both pistons incorporate a large Delrin 500 wear spring pad that significantly increases the pneumatic actuator cycle life. Upper and lower Delrin bushings minimize wear and increase actuator duty cycle. Our DLS feature allows travel stop adjustment in both directions of travel, +/- 5%.


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Honeywell Honeywell M8185D1006 - Modutrol Actuator, 24V Spring Return Foot Mounted 60 lb-in. Torque
Home Improvement (Honeywell)
  • Spring-Return


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The aerodynamics are novel, combining vestigial cruciform wings with tail control surfaces of a lattice configuration (similar devices are used on the R-400 Oka). Each surface consists of a metal frame containing a blade-like grid assembly which combines a greater control area, and thus lifting force, with reduced weight and size. The development for this control concept took three years of theoretical work and testing. Referred to by the Russians as gas dynamic declination devices, these surfaces require less powerful actuators than conventional fins, and have a lower RCS

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Fieldbus for steam-drain control  — InTech
Ultimately, when you minimize signals, you improve the overall efficiency and performance of the network.

Kyocera Torque (Sprint)
Wireless (Kyocera)
  • Display: 4.0-inches
  • Camera: 5-MP
  • Processor Speed: 1.2 GHz
  • OS: Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
Helac updates actuator line: new T20 series rotary actuators target high frequency, torque generating applications.(MOBILE HYDRAULICS): An article from: Diesel Progress North American Edition
Book (Thomson Gale)
Belimo Belimo CMB24-3-T.1 : Non-Spring Return Damper Actuator (18 in-lb Torque)
BISS (Belimo)
  • Accessory
AVO AVO S2X92908A001A Solid Boost Control Actuator for TD04L and TD05L Stock Turbochargers
Automotive Parts and Accessories (AVO)
  • Increases torque and horsepower by endowing the factory turbo with a more solid boost response
  • Delivers constant boost all the way to the red line and beyond
  • Safe, reliable and effective
  • Fits to these stock turbochargers: TD04L, TD05L

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