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September 6, 2013 – 11:09
Titan Zinc-Plated, Leverlock Brake Actuator w/ Electric Lockout

As work practices change and an increasing number of today’s employees spend more and more time in the office, the makers of office desks face new challenges and opportunities. This puts focus on actuator systems for office desks. Not just as an occasional option, but as a standard feature to provide the flexibility required by modern dynamic work styles.
DESKLINE® supplies modular desk lifting systems powered by high quality LINAK electric linear actuators renowned for reliability and quick, smooth, ultra quiet adjustment.
Whether you are looking for a desk actuator for a simple touch-down desk or a complete actuator system for an advanced desk setup to suit a team of employees, DESKLINE has a solution that will accommodate both your functional needs and your design strategy.
Today most processing tasks are carried out on stationary desktop computers. People working in logistics or service might work in teams, but they are still tied to the desk all day. Creative job functions might rely more and more on the mobility of wireless laptop computers, but chances are that even managers, consultants and the like spend most of their day at a desk.
The modern office environment is slowly but surely changing into a dynamic living space where you must feel comfortable to be effective.
If you change between desks or share a desk, simply adjust it to suit you. If your back aches and you need to stand up just lift the desk to a standing position. If it feels more comfortable to stand up during a conference or a presentation why not press a button to lift the conference desk. This way you will enjoy both the ergonomic benefits plus a new dynamic and efficient type of meeting.
A comfortable and ergonomic design of the workplace is the very basis for modern productive work. A good day at the office is worth a lot to both the employer and the employee. This is why LINAK DESKLINE strives to help provide products that improve people’s working environment. Please contact LINAK DESKLINE.Learn more in this video about moving desks.

Use your sit-stand desk brochure
Sit Stand Workplace brochure
CBD ZERO folder - Take Responsibility for the future
DL14 PIEZO folder

A lifting column is an electric linear actuator integrated into…

PIEZO is a unique hardware based system that will register…

More and more research shows that the ergonomic benefits of height adjustable workstations..

If design is important to you, DESKLINE is your perfect partner.

Want to discuss how you can benefit from an innovative actuator solution?

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Click is usually actuator arm not head crash

2013-04-26 12:55:58 by RobNLA

The click can mean a head crash happened, and it may indicate that the head is being dragged on the platter, but it's not actually from the head hitting the platter.
In modern drives the clicking is almost always a result of the arm sweeping back and forth over the disk trying to get position data. The clicking sound is the back end of the actuator arm hitting the stop that constrains the arm's range of movement.
The clicking sound is usually caused by one of these:
1. Spindle motor failure/stuck spindle/bad power to motor
2. Circuit board failure
3. Read/write head failure

More ideas

2009-09-01 13:40:40 by davidcarradineded

Try taping the drive, with your knuckle, may throw it in working
long enoug
if you open the drive, do not get finger prints on the platter, its the oil from us that does the damage, not dust particles
the clicking you hear means the arm has scratched the disk, you might replace the head on the actuator arm, google it,
When you are replacing boards watch out for static electricity
I think its the head on the actuator arm, what fun
I back up my data three or four times now, jumbo drives are cheap now, and I also back up to dvd copies off site
(Never tried the freezing, I would worry about moisture...)

Fieldbus for steam-drain control  — InTech
Ultimately, when you minimize signals, you improve the overall efficiency and performance of the network.

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