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September 6, 2013 – 11:10

ROBO Cylinder Electric Actuator RCP3-SA2BC Mini Slider Type,Coupled Motor,28mm Width,Pulse Motor,Lead Screw
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  1. The load capacity is based on operation at an acceleration of 0.2G. This is the maximum acceleration.
  2. The actuator cannot be used on its side or in a vertical orientation.
  3. If used in a dusty environment,the service life will decrease significantly.RCP3-SA2BC mini slider electric actuator
  4. This model used a lead screw,therefore please ensure that your usage is appropriate for its characteristics. (See page Pre-42.)

Speed vs. Load Capacity

Due to the characteristics of the pulse motor,the RCP3 series’ load capacity decreases at high speeds.
In the table below,check if your desired speed and load capacity are supported.

Lead and Load Capacity

Model Feed Screw Lead (mm) Max. Load Capacity Repeatability (mm) Stroke (mm)
Horizontal (kg) Vertical (kg)
RCP3-SA2BC-I-20P-6S-[1]-[2]-[3]-[4] Lead screw 6 0.25 - ±0.05 25~150
(25 mm
RCP3-SA2BC-I-20P-4S-[1]-[2]-[3]-[4] 4 0.5 -
RCP3-SA2BC-I-20P-2S-[1]-[2]-[3]-[4] 2 1 -

Legend: [1] = Stroke, [2] = Compatible Controller, [3] = Cable Length, [4] = Options

Stroke and Maximum Speed

Stroke 25
6 180 280 300
4 180 200
2 100

(Unit: mm/s)

Actuator Specifications

Item Description
Drive System Lead screw (Ø6mm,C10 grade)
Lost Motion 0.3mm or less (initial value)
Base Material: Aluminum (white alumite treated)
Guide Slide guide
Ambient Operating Temp./Humidity 0 ~ 40°C,85% RH or less (non-condensing)
Service Life 10 million cycles

[1] Stroke List

Stroke (mm)

[2] Compatible Controllers

The RCP3 series actuators can operate with the controllers below. Select the controller according to your usage.

* This is for the single-axis PSEL.
* {1} is a placeholder for the power supply voltage (1: 100V / 2: 100~240V).

[3] Cable List

Type Cable Symbol
(Robot Cables)
P (1m)
S (3m)
M (5m)
Special Lengths X06 (6m) ~ X10 (10m)
X11 (11m) ~ X15 (15m)
X16 (16m) ~ X20 (20m)

* The standard cable for the RCP3 is the robot cable.
* See page A-39 for connection cable models.

[4] Option List

Name Option Code See Page
Reversed-home NM A-33

This product is in the ROBO Cylinder General Catalog.
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Click is usually actuator arm not head crash

2013-04-26 12:55:58 by RobNLA

The click can mean a head crash happened, and it may indicate that the head is being dragged on the platter, but it's not actually from the head hitting the platter.
In modern drives the clicking is almost always a result of the arm sweeping back and forth over the disk trying to get position data. The clicking sound is the back end of the actuator arm hitting the stop that constrains the arm's range of movement.
The clicking sound is usually caused by one of these:
1. Spindle motor failure/stuck spindle/bad power to motor
2. Circuit board failure
3. Read/write head failure

More ideas

2009-09-01 13:40:40 by davidcarradineded

Try taping the drive, with your knuckle, may throw it in working
long enoug
if you open the drive, do not get finger prints on the platter, its the oil from us that does the damage, not dust particles
the clicking you hear means the arm has scratched the disk, you might replace the head on the actuator arm, google it,
When you are replacing boards watch out for static electricity
I think its the head on the actuator arm, what fun
I back up my data three or four times now, jumbo drives are cheap now, and I also back up to dvd copies off site
(Never tried the freezing, I would worry about moisture...)

Fieldbus for steam-drain control  — InTech
Ultimately, when you minimize signals, you improve the overall efficiency and performance of the network.

Amico Amico AC 250V 5A Coil Spring Actuator Enclosed Mini Limit Switch TZ-8169
Home Improvement (Amico)
  • Product Name : Limit Switch;Model : TZ-8169;Actuator Action : Momentary
  • Contact Configuration : 1 NC + 1 NO;Type : Wobble Stick, Automatic Reset;Power : AC 250V 5A
  • Mounting Hole Diameter : 4.5mm / 1.8 ;Hole Center Point Distance : 56mm x 21mm / 2.2 x 0.8 (L*W);Stick Length : 85mm/ 3.3
  • Body Dimension : 88 x 28 x 25mm / 3.5 x 1.1 x 1 (L*W*T);Material : Plastic, Metal, Rubber
  • Weight : 60g;Package : 1 x Limit Switch
WD WD 3 Way Mini Switch On/Off/On DPDT - Chrome
Musical Instruments (WD)
  • All mini switches have round actuator levers, and come complete with mounting nuts and washers.
  • Length of threaded bushing: 5/16
  • Bushing Diameter: 1/4
  • Cavity Depth: 5/8

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