Compact electric actuators provide unlimited rotary motion

September 6, 2013 – 11:09
Servo Controllers use ball-screw actuators with dc motors., SKF

MUNICH, Germany - Festo has launched the ERMB modules of electromechanical rotary actuators that are capable of accommodating literally any desired angle of rotation - including a full 360 degrees and continuous unlimited rotary motion. The modules feature mounting interfaces on each of their six sides and can be mounted in any position, making them easy to integrate with other axes, and have a large diameter hollow output shaft to facilitate the feed-through of cables and tubing. They are particularly suitable for orienting gripper units at the front end of cantilever axes, and also provide a simple low-cost means of implementing high speed rotary positioning tables.

Festo offers three sizes of the new rotary modules, with maximum output torques of 3.1, 8.8 and 24 Nm. The smallest model - the ERMB-20 - measures just 65x145mm with a height of 54mm and weighs a mere 850g, making it one of the most compact and lightest units on the market. Yet despite its small form factor, the actuator can handle direct loads of up to 30kg and moments of inertia as high as 200kg cm/cm. The largest model, known as the ERMB-32, can accommodate moments of inertia as high as 3, 700kg cm/cm.

All rotary modules feature a built-in homing sensor for indexing

The rotary modules use a pre-tensioned toothed belt to transfer power from the motor shaft to the output pinion, resulting in smooth, low-noise operation with minimal backlash. The actuators' dynamic performance is little short of spectacular; all three models can achieve an angular velocity in excess of 30rad/s - which translates into a 180 degree positioning time of less than 0.2 seconds - with a repetition accuracy of 0.03 degrees.

All rotary modules feature a built-in homing sensor for use when indexing, and can also be equipped with an optional sensing kit for monitoring angular displacement. The sensing kit is available with and without a protective housing, to best suit the application, and can be mounted on either side of the rotary module. It uses two sets of easily adjustable cams in conjunction with a pair of magnetic proximity sensors to provide digital feedback to the system controller, and offers a flexible means of implementing blocking or 'anti-crash' motion control sequences. The rotary modules are mechanically compatible with the company's range of electric and pneumatic products, such as linear positioning axes and grippers, and are suitable for use with a wide range of stepper and servomotors, including third-party products.


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40 corrections per second

2007-12-06 12:27:37 by iamlucky13

What they mean when they say that, is that the computer reads the input states 40 times per second. Each time it reads the input states, it compares the values to expected values, then uses an algorithm to determine the desired control states. We now have computers with processing power to do it hundreds of thousands of times per second...much much faster than the response times of the systems involved and sometimes faster than any actuators can actually respond.
The algorithms are engineered from known factors like lift, drag, center of gravity, etc. Then some poor schmuck of a test pilot takes the plane up and determines if the engineers got it right or if it needs a little tweaking (hopefully not a lot of tweaking)

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Ultimately, when you minimize signals, you improve the overall efficiency and performance of the network.

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