Regex - Javascript RegExp Works in online testers, but not on actual page

September 6, 2013 – 11:09
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I have the following Data:

Tracking Code

Sellers Shipping Note:
Tracking Number:
document.write('Close window')
I am using the following Regular Expression to extract a portion of that data:

var reg = new RegExp(/((.|\n)*)Tracking((.|\n)*)/mgi); var tracking = data.match(reg); console.log(tracking[0]); This regular expression works on the following online tester tools:

However, when used on my page, it does not return anything...

Anyone have any ideas?

Before anyone asks:

  • I have ensured that the input data is correct
  • I cannot input this html into the dom to parse for technical reasons (I must use regex)

Thank you in advance.


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