Ignition Cylinder Actuator Rod Replacement (97-03 F150)

September 6, 2013 – 11:10

Steering Wheel Removed This is an article that generally applies to 1997-2003 F-150 trucks. It may also apply to other years and models of Ford vehicles.

I have a 2003 F150 Lariat - I went to start it today and as I turned the key,I heard a snap. It was definitely something plastic that made the noise. The starter wouldn't engage,and the truck was stuck to "Run",so all the dash lights,radio,etc lit up.Mark steering wheel before removalThe key cylinder lost all of it's original tension. I could turn it back to "ACC",but that was it.

I removed the negative battery cable so my batt wouldn't die. I hoped that it was just the ignition cylinder,so I popped it out and ran to the dealership to check out a new one. The guys at the shop told me cylinder was fine. I think it is too,there isn't anything broken on the cylinder,and it turns just as it should.

I popped it back into the steering column and when I turn it,you can see a rod move back and forth along the column. I grabbed a diagram of the steering column and it shows a small spring attached to a plastic piece (with what looks like a horseshoe on one end) which butts right up against the ignition switch.Plastic cap under steering wheel F150The parts manager said that plastic piece is the only thing that could have snapped,it's the upper actuator rod. It's a plastic piece that connects to the lower actuator with a pin. Apparently the pin can come out,so it will no longer move the lower actuator.

In short,the repair procedure is basically: Removed the airbag,steering wheel,turn signal assembly,ignition cylinder,tilt,and the housing. It took me about an hour to get through everything. Here are many photos I took during the process:

First of all,this video gave me a great start. It's for a Ford Aerostar,but the process is almost exactly the same:

It should go without saying that you need to disconnect the battery and wait at least 10 minutes before starting this. Be careful working around the airbag!

The pictures here start after the airbag is removed. You will need a puller to remove the steering wheel,I just went to autozone and grabbed one - you can just put a deposit down and take it home. You get your $ back upon return.

Part of the actuator assembly (arrow)

Make sure you mark the position of the steering wheel before you pull it!

Once the steering wheel was removed,I also marked the white plastic cap so I could put it back correctly:

You'll need a snap ring tool to remove this snap ring:

Note the position of this clip inside the igntion assembly:

This is the gear inside the assembly that moves the plastic actuator rod. Marking it's position before you remove it makes reinstallation much easier:

Remove the bolts on either side of the steering column:

Again,the front end of the rod (left arrow). The right arrow shows where the front rod will attach to the back half.

The steering column removed:

Here is the new rod actuator attached. You may have to file it down a bit to get it to slip into place.

Snap ring removal

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Source: www.fordf150.net

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