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September 6, 2013 – 11:09
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Electrical Linear Actuator vs Hydraulic Systems Progressive Automations offers excellent links for a variety of applications. It specializes in engineered solutions and/or a customized automated machine that offers you a resource for your fixturing and automation needs. This reputation has gained a higher ranking amongst our users. Our esteem lies in our ability to produce designs that are of high quality, innovative and successfully operate challenging projects. Combined with strong leadership and a highly spirited team Progressive Automations makes use of the most advanced equipment in the industry to produce effective turnarounds of your design and the manufacturing needs. We focus on customer requirements to make sure that their short and long-term needs are met with continuous and reliable solutions.

We utilize our designs and equipment in industries such as electronics, medical, packaging and manufacturing, textile and automotive. Our diverse nature has given us the experience to perform best in both small and large projects. Progressive Automations is well equipped to provide our customers with designs of high quality and manufacturing services which provide short lead times for all types and sizes of projects. When making decisions whether to use a hydraulic system or electric linear actuators in an application, the deciding factor depends on which of the two meets the economic and technical requirements of the application. However features of each application ought to be examined on individual basis.

A linear actuator is a linear device that provides thrust which is a combination of predesigned components that have a motor, gear box and a lead screw that tightly holds these components. On the contrary, a hydraulic system is a fluid powered device energized by the movement and pressure of fluids in multiple directions. A hydraulic system comprises of 1or 2 hydraulic cylinder hoses with a powered fliud, motor, reservoirs and a pump that supplies pressure along with the hoses. It also has directional and valve controls that pumps pressure back to the central control box. Since a hydraulic system is a fluid device and is self-contained with seals it will inherently be subjected to contamination and leaks as opposed to linear actuator which is characterized by a green effect meaning that it cannot be subjected to contamination.

With regards to maintaining load, a hydraulic system requires pressure and power to the hoses as opposed to linear actuator that can maintain fixed positions within its integrated load by electricity. Thus the latter will be held indefinitely without the use of power and pressure. This factor makes linear actuator to be more economical since the company does not have to incur losses in purchasing powered fluid. Safety can also be enhanced within the linear actuator because one can cut wires and the load will still be held. Another advantage of linear actuator is since it is controlled by electricity as opposed to a hydraulic system, it is much easier to put feedbacks and integrate them with the microprocessors readily available. On the other hand, linear actuators are designed typically to work in cold environments as whereas a hydraulic system cannot withstand harsh cold conditions with temperatures going below as 30 degrees.

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ICON Group International, Inc. The 2011 Report on Aerospace-Type Linear Hydraulic Utility Actuators and Cylinders: World Market Segmentation by City
Book (ICON Group International, Inc.)

Look here

2011-04-02 15:52:02 by technerd

The applications for linear motors and linear actuators overlap, so maybe you can use a linear actuator
The latest issue of the catalog from American Science and Surplus, also found at , has a few linear actuators, but they are 12 volt, and cheap.
Similar, more expensive, units are found at the surplus giant Herbach and Rademan who have an online catalog
Personally, I would order by mail, rather than drive anywhere in S.F.
good luck

Your grid tie inverter

2006-11-07 17:40:58 by solarmandotorg

From what i gathered from google, your inverter probably does use MPPT (maximum power point tracking).. read your manual and make sure though.
like i said, seasonal tilt makes a huge difference. you have about 3 times the panels i do. i leave mine in place but i can move them in about 10 minutes and that includes dragging the ladder out.
you could even set up some linear actuators to move them up and down. these are the things that swung the huge satellite dishes back in the 70' and 80s.. little moter with a long bolt that spins a nut up and down a pipe.. a tiny motor can really move something like that

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ICON Group International, Inc The 2007-2012 World Outlook for Aerospace-Type Linear Hydraulic Utility Actuators and Cylinders
Book (ICON Group International, Inc)
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