The Mighty Lip Balm Linear Actuator

September 6, 2013 – 11:09

webm34_lipbalmactuator_useitI needed a small linear actuator (a mechanism for creating motion in a straight line) for a project and was finding only oversized or cost-prohibitive solutions. Industrial automation actuators have plenty of muscle but rarely come in small packages. Hobby linear actuators come with a smaller footprint but can be costly. I’ve often wondered about the load capacity of the screw and nut contained in a standard lip balm tube,so I collected all the lip balm tubes I could find and started testing.

One stood out over all the others and could exert over 10 pounds of thrust with a 1.25″ stroke: the mighty Blistex tube. No other lip balm screw-and-nut assembly comes close to carrying the same load as a Blistex tube. Add a magnet to the shaft and a couple of reed switches to the case,and you’ve got an actuator with limit switches at each end!


  • Drill and drill bits: 3/8″ Forstner,3/8″ brad point,3/16″
  • Utility knife
  • Tubing cutter or hacksaw
  • File or sandpaper
  • Screwdriver,flat-blade


  • Clevis mounts,rear and front — Make these from ABS plastic,wood,or any material you’re comfortable working with. See dimensions in Step 7.
  • Hobby servo,full rotation — SparkFun Electronics #ROB-10189,
  • Blistex lip balm tube — The actuator’s drive screw,body tube,drive nut,and cap are all made from it.
  • Proximity sensors,magnetic,NPN,3-pin (2) — Jameco Electronics #513244,
  • Magnet,1/8″ square — SparkFun #COM-08644
  • Aluminum tube,3/8″ OD × 3″ — McMaster-Carr #9056K643, The shaft can be any nonmagnetic 3/8″ OD tube of it least 1/4″ ID — even plastic.
  • Threaded insert,#8-32 — McMaster #92105A660
  • Threaded shaft,#8-32 × 3/4″ — Cut this from any #8-32 bolt.
  • Cable ties,small
  • Plastic epoxy — J-B Weld works well.


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Your grid tie inverter

2006-11-07 17:40:58 by solarmandotorg

From what i gathered from google, your inverter probably does use MPPT (maximum power point tracking).. read your manual and make sure though.
like i said, seasonal tilt makes a huge difference. you have about 3 times the panels i do. i leave mine in place but i can move them in about 10 minutes and that includes dragging the ladder out.
you could even set up some linear actuators to move them up and down. these are the things that swung the huge satellite dishes back in the 70' and 80s.. little moter with a long bolt that spins a nut up and down a pipe.. a tiny motor can really move something like that

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