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September 6, 2013 – 11:09


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SMC SMC NCJ2B6-050SR Stainless Steel Air Cylinder, Round Body, Single Acting, Spring Return, Basic Style Mounting, Not Switch Ready, Rubber Cushion, 1/4" Bore OD, 1/2" Stroke, 0.125" Rod OD, 10-32 UNF
  • Single-acting air (pneumatic) cylinder with one air port and spring-return piston rod return
  • Round body with a single piston rod for use in linear applications
  • Stainless steel body and piston rod for resistance to corrosion and scaling
  • Basic-style mounting for installing on rigid surfaces
  • Rubber cushioning to dampen the sound of the piston striking the end caps

Thier guns would do even better if

2006-01-19 04:54:11 by fieraci

They used the sprinkler valve mod I found (see my previous repsonse). The electric actuator opens much more slowly than the pneumatic modification. More initial dump of full pressure = more muzzle velocity. As if you really wanted 12 year old boys to have more power, but anyway it does not need batteries. BTW: PVC can shatter if overpressurized. I have seen guys cut the legs off denim jeans and use both legs to double sleeve the pressure tank in case of disaster. Nylon cable ties at the ends. A small pressure gauge might be a good idea too.

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Valtorc Spring Return Pneumatic Actuator
BISS (Valtorc)

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