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September 6, 2013 – 11:09

Pneumatic Actuators translate the force of compressed air into fast and powerful motion. In the VEX Robotics System,all pneumatic actuators create linear (in-and-out) motion,although rotary actuators do exist. The compressed air that powers the actuators is stored in a reservoir tank; differences in air pressure between the actuators and tank cause the actuators to move in and out.

The flow of air between the tank and the actuators (directly related to the differences in air pressure) is controlled by a small switch,called an electromagnetic solenoid,which connects to the VEX PIC or Cortex using a standard 3-pin wire. It’s a common misconception that,since the solenoid enables motion,its 3-pin wire should plug into one of the MOTOR ports on the microcontroller.Actually,a solenoid is what’s considered a “Digital Output”,and should be plugged into one of the DIGITAL ports on the Cortex,or ANALOG/DIGITAL ports on the PIC.

To configure the solenoid in ROBOTC,go to the Motors and Sensors Setup menu,and select “Digital Out” as the sensor type.

Then,in ROBOTC,when you want to activate the pneumatic actuator controlled by the solenoid,you set its value equal to “1″. To deactivate it,set its value equal to “0″. In the sample code below,the remote control buttons are used to activate and deactivate the pneumatic actuator.

#pragma config(Sensor,dgtl7, solenoid, sensorDigitalOut)
//*!!Code automatically generated by ‘ROBOTC’ configuration wizard !!*//

task main()
while(true) // Loop Forever
if(vexRT[Btn6U] == 1) // If button 6U (upper right shoulder button) is pressed:
SensorValue[solenoid] = 1; // …activate the solenoid.
else // If button 6U (upper right shoulder button) is NOT pressed:
SensorValue[solenoid] = 0; // ..deactivate the solenoid.

For more information on using pneumatic actuators,check out our Pneumatics lesson from the VEX 2.0 Curriculum.

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RE: The Mythbusters hand

2007-12-13 14:30:48 by iamlucky13

The mythbuster's hand (I haven't seen this episode, but I found some descriptions online) also had an external power supply and relatively big pneumatic actuators you'd have to carry around...and it had no neural interface.
Anyway, there's lots of decent prosthetic hands:

Keltron receives order worth Rs 2.44 crore  — The New Indian Express
The pneumatic actuators will be manufactured at the Keltron Controls division of Keltron at Aroor in Alappuzha district.

Semiconductor Processing Improves with FPGA-based Controller  — Automation World
The machine includes a rotary mechanism with pneumatic actuators to handle freshly diced wafers, which are identified by a gigabit Ethernet camera to position the stage to pick components of the freshly cut silicon with actuators.

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