Hydraulic Acutators

September 6, 2013 – 11:10

The Damcos BRC is a double-acting balanced rotary actuator, which operate at a standard working pressure of 135 bar and maintain a constant hightorque output throughout the 90 degree rotation.

The Damcos BRCF is a single-acting spring return ( fail-safe ) actuator.
The actuator operate at a standard working pressure of 135 bar and maintain a constant high torque output throughout the 90 degree rotation. The torque range is from 125 to 16000 Nm.

The new Damcos BRCF 16000HT is the market’s smallest and most powerful single-acting actuator for large valves and valves requiring very high torque.

Damcos KC is a linear double-acting actuator. Comes with a direct position indicator and presents no external moving parts during operation. Our program covers KC 65, KC125, KC250, KC325 and KC400.

Damcos KF and KFR are linear single-acting spring-closing actuators. Equipped with a unique emergency system. Our program covers KF 65, KF125, KF250, KFR125, KFR 250 and KF250/150 and KFR250/150.

Damcos SC actuator is designed to operate wedge gate valve (lower closing thrust than opening thrust) and open/closing these by means of hydraulic pressure.

Our System Power Unit is built on a standard modular platform, proven for its reliability and safety. As such, it’s possible to configure and scale the unit as requirements demand.

A hydraulic VRC system is supplied with a standardized solenoid valve cabinet, able to support up to 120 valve controls per cabinet.

Source: www2.emersonprocess.com

Basic hydraulic circuit design: the role of cylinders and actuators.(HYDRAULIC SYSTEMS TRENDS): An article from: Diesel Progress North American Edition
Book (Diesel & Gas Turbine Publications)

Good Luck, here's another I just found, but V8

2011-09-13 14:09:44 by jim6669jimg

Again, not V6, but something to check anyway...
"Here is an inexpensive and REAL fix for your LS overheat problem if it is intemittant. If something is really broke, this won't work. To the fix!
When was the last time you changed the fluid in the hydraulic fan system, never, I thought so. Me either.
I have a 2000 LS that I bought new and do all of my own maintenance therefore know exactly what has been done. I checked the fan fluid from time time not thinking that it may go bad over time. Well it does get contaminated.
My LS has about 150k on it and it started having an overheat problem

Fuel pressure test

2010-02-23 21:37:14 by snow23itc

OVP= over voltage protection relay= main relay for the computor. this won't cause this stalling failure. it's failed or not
ICV= idle/air control valve.
EHA = electro-hydraulic actuator= I know this as a Differential pressure regulator= regulates the fuel pressure in the lower chamber to change the fuel mixture slightly as per the O2 sensor. Bolts to the side of the fuel distributor. usually this part can cause performance problems but not usually stalling.
Sooty spark plugs usually indicate too rich. Can you adjust the fuel mixture during the first 10 min

Keltron receives order worth Rs 2.44 crore  — The New Indian Express
The pneumatic actuators will be manufactured at the Keltron Controls division of Keltron at Aroor in Alappuzha district.

Semiconductor Processing Improves with FPGA-based Controller  — Automation World
The machine includes a rotary mechanism with pneumatic actuators to handle freshly diced wafers, which are identified by a gigabit Ethernet camera to position the stage to pick components of the freshly cut silicon with actuators.

Demco Demco 8605001 Brake Actuator
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Demco)
  • 6, lb Capacity
  • 600 lb. maximum tongue load
  • Plated, top mount, lever lock coupler
  • 3 Channel Width
  • Specifically designed for Drum Brakes
Atwood Atwood Hydraulic Surge Brake Actuator, Model# 82543
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Atwood)
  • Rated at 6 lbs. Complete with breakaway protection
  • Replaces Atwood OEM actuators
  • Fits a 3in. channel
  • 2in. ball
Jandy Jandy AquaLink RS8 7-Function One Touch Pool Automation System w 2 Valve Actuators
Lawn & Patio (Jandy)

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