Robo-Control remote open / close safety for chlorine and sulfur dioxide tanks

September 6, 2013 – 11:10

Robo-Control Model RC



OPERATION The Model RC is an actuator that OPENS AND CLOSES the valve on compressed gas cylinders such as chlorine, sulfur dioxide, and ammonia cylinders and containers.

The actuator is battery-operated with an electric motor that rotates the valve stem toward open or closed position for alignment, tests, and remote operation. The actuator is designed to mount without interfering with cylinder mounted hardware such as chlorinators, regulators etc. No yoke modifications or additional adaptors are required. The motor, gears, and controls are assembled as one unit.

  • Battery operated with automatic charger
  • NO large signal cables and can be radio operated
  • Remote control by leak detector, panic button, or other digital signals such as PLC or computer
  • ¨ Easily attaches to valve
  • Can be used on chlorine and sulfur dioxide 150# cylinders or ton containers
  • Can be part of an automatic changeover system to permit only one container in service at a time
  • Eliminates the need for scrubbers in certain applications per the Uniform Fire Code

The system includes a remote power supply enclosure for trickle charge of the SLA battery. Engaging the actuator is accomplished by tilting the actuator, resting actuator on valve and repositioning to the same plane as the valve stem. Monitor and controls are accomplished with a microprocessor and integral LED lights for CLOSED, ALIGN, and OPEN. Setup is accomplished through an integral keypad. Valve position is transmitted to the microprocessor from a direct-coupled potentiometer.


For information on more actuators that open and close ton cylinders, refer to Specification Model 2000C and Model U.

For information on inexpensive leak detectors to interact with the actuators, refer to Specification LD100.

DETAILSEnclosure NEMA 4X Battery 12-Volt SLA 7AH Charger 120/240 VAC, 1 Amp AutomaticIndicator Three LEDs InputsClose from Remote Contact
RF Open/Close from RCP
RemoteBattery and Charger (RSP006)
Control Enclosure w/transceiver
Programmable up to 360 degrees


I got a behind the scenes tour of that place

2010-02-24 17:14:50 by bent_rider

Back in the 80's.
got to see the control system, control room, etc.
Also got a behind the scenes tour of the 'Star Wars' ride.
The theater you sit in is a jumbo jet flight simulator up on these enormous hydraulic actuators that make the theater move around.
Was way more interesting than the actual ride.

Whats your problem?

2009-04-03 11:41:11 by HiredHelp

You seem to take an abnormal amount of pleasure in telling other folks what they are and are not. I didnt ask for advice from you, I asked for job leads from the board.
In between the time I last posted and this post, I was offered a position as a supervisor, in a high tech petroleum company, making hydraulic manifolds for actuators that control the flow of petroleum through the lines. Not bad for a worthless guy, huh?
Just goes to show that not even you, The Almighty, knows everything. And as for the union comment, the only way I ever knew I was in a union was from the dues being deducted from my check

Keltron receives order worth Rs 2.44 crore  — The New Indian Express
The pneumatic actuators will be manufactured at the Keltron Controls division of Keltron at Aroor in Alappuzha district.

Semiconductor Processing Improves with FPGA-based Controller  — Automation World
The machine includes a rotary mechanism with pneumatic actuators to handle freshly diced wafers, which are identified by a gigabit Ethernet camera to position the stage to pick components of the freshly cut silicon with actuators.

Frigidaire 241676101 ACTUATOR-SOLENOID
Single Detail Page Misc (Electrolux)
  • ACTUATOR-SOLENOID WAS 5304406818 909RC
  • Works with the following models: Frigidaire BFHS2611LM, Frigidaire BFHS2611LM0
  • Frigidaire BGHS2634KE0, Frigidaire BGHS2634KE1, Frigidaire BGHS2634KP0, Frigidaire BGHS2634KP1

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