Rotork: RC200 Pneumatic Actuator

September 6, 2013 – 11:09
Double Acting Pneumatic Cylinder Actuator | Pneumatic Actuator Go!

The RC200 is an extremely compact pneumatic actuator. Its scotch yoke design is particularly suited for valves with high start or end torque requirements. It is available in double-acting and spring-return configurations with torque output up to 4, 400Nm (38, 700 lbf-in).

The RC200 is available in a variety of configurations and an extensive range of options and accessories is available. RC200 actuators have BSP threaded ports and metric threads for mounting. A variant for the Americas (RCI200) comes with NPT ports and imperial threads for mounting.

  • Compact design in double acting or spring return
  • Pre-tensioned springs for safety
  • Connections according to international standards
  • Scotch yoke design provides high torque in the end positions
  • Three-year warranty
  • High efficiency, low air consumption
  • Housing in anodized aluminium
  • Standard temperature range -20°C to +80°C (-4°F to +175°F)


  • M1 handwheel manual override
  • Adjustable travel stops in both directions
  • RCT corrosion protection
  • High temp. 0°C to +150°C (+32°F to +300°F)
  • Low temp. -40°C to +60°C (-40°F to +140°F)
  • Arctic temp. -47°C to +60°C (-52°F to +140°F)
  • Water or oil hydraulics
  • Over travel

RC200 Configurations:

See RC200 / RCI200 literature page for further details.

Найти адвоката по уголовным делам помощь бесплатного адвоката по уголовным делам.


SMC NCDJ2B6-050R-C80 cyl, rnd body, dbl act, a-sw
  • Product Line: ACTUATOR
  • Product Family: NCJ2 ROUND BODY CYLINDER
  • Product Class: 6MM NCJ2 DBL-ACT AUTO-SW
  • Part Description: CYL, RND BODY, DBL ACT, A-SW

I got a behind the scenes tour of that place

2010-02-24 17:14:50 by bent_rider

Back in the 80's.
got to see the control system, control room, etc.
Also got a behind the scenes tour of the 'Star Wars' ride.
The theater you sit in is a jumbo jet flight simulator up on these enormous hydraulic actuators that make the theater move around.
Was way more interesting than the actual ride.

Whats your problem?

2009-04-03 11:41:11 by HiredHelp

You seem to take an abnormal amount of pleasure in telling other folks what they are and are not. I didnt ask for advice from you, I asked for job leads from the board.
In between the time I last posted and this post, I was offered a position as a supervisor, in a high tech petroleum company, making hydraulic manifolds for actuators that control the flow of petroleum through the lines. Not bad for a worthless guy, huh?
Just goes to show that not even you, The Almighty, knows everything. And as for the union comment, the only way I ever knew I was in a union was from the dues being deducted from my check

Keltron receives order worth Rs 2.44 crore  — The New Indian Express
The pneumatic actuators will be manufactured at the Keltron Controls division of Keltron at Aroor in Alappuzha district.

Semiconductor Processing Improves with FPGA-based Controller  — Automation World
The machine includes a rotary mechanism with pneumatic actuators to handle freshly diced wafers, which are identified by a gigabit Ethernet camera to position the stage to pick components of the freshly cut silicon with actuators.

SMC MYM40-02WR-A assy, head cover, rc (pt) *lqa
  • Product Line: ACTUATOR
  • Product Family: MY1M GUIDED CYLINDER
  • Product Class: 40MM MY1M PART
  • Part Description: ASSY, HEAD COVER, RC (PT) *LQA

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