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The Neural Impulse Actuator (NIA) is a brain–computer interface (BCI) device developed by OCZ Technology. BCI devices attempt to move away from the classic input devices like keyboard and mouse and instead read electrical activity from the head, preferably the EEG. The name Neural Impulse Actuator implies that the signals originate from some neuronal activity; however, what is actually captured is a mixture of muscle, skin and nerve activity including sympathetic and parasympathetic components that have to be summarized as biopotentials rather than pure neural signals. As of May 27, 2011, the OCZ website says that the NIA is no longer being manufactured and has been end-of-lifed.[1]

On June 1, 2012 a post was made on the official forums, asking about the NIAs future, [2] the reply being, "It [the NIA] was spun out into a different company as a side-effect of OCZ's IPO and that company is BCInet.".[3]

The name Neural Impulse Actuator is still justifiable since also the secondary signals are under neuronal control. The biopotentials are decompiled into different frequency spectra to allow the separation into different groups of electrical signals. Individual signals that are isolated comprise alpha and beta brain waves, electromyograms and electro oculograms. The current version of the NIA uses carbon-fibers injected into soft plastic as substrate for the headband and for the sensors and achieves sensitivity much greater than the original silver chloride-based sensors using a clip-on interface to the wire harness.

Control over the computer in either desktop or gaming environments is done by binding keys to different zones within as many as three vertical joysticks. Each joystick can be divided into several zones based on thresholds and each zone within each joystick can be bound to a keyboard key. Each keystroke can further be assigned to several modes, including single keystroke, hold, repeat and dwell, which allows full plasticity with respect to configuration of the NIA for any application. Moreover, the same "vertical joysticks" can be used in more than one instance to enable simultaneous pressing of multiple keys at any given time like "W" and "Spacebar" for jumping forward or toggling between left and right strafing for running in a zigzag pattern.


Not much more than a 'weak' robot ..

2013-08-20 13:01:53 by EdgingFanFT

Many of the minimum wage jobs will eventually be replaced by robots capable of doing the job more effectively, for longer periods of time, without Breaks and they will never piss and moan about the crappy pay!
.. Face it, this has already happened.
So, where are the jobs going to be in the future? Building robots to replace minimum wage workers who HONESTLY do not want to be doing that $hit job anyway. So get thee to a mechanical trades school or a place teaching Mechatronics. Servos, motors, gears, sensors, transducers and actuators is THE FUTURE!

New Growth Opportunities for Electroactive Polymers  —
The market potential is large - EAPs can be used in various applications including actuators and sensors, biomimetics and robotics, energy harvesting and storage devices etc.

U.S. Patents Awarded to Inventors in Michigan (Sept. 5)  — Targeted News Service
ALEXANDRIA, Va., Sept. 5 -- GM Global Technology Operations, Detroit, has been assigned a patent (8,527,159) developed by Steven Mark Bezdek, Haslett, Mich., for an "automatic transmission actuators and sensors having integrated electronics."

Omron Omron D5B-1013 Mechanical Touch Switch, Hemispheric Actuator, M10 Size, 3m Cable Length
BISS (Omron)
  • Detects object contact from multiple directions and operates even with a slight force.
  • Slow action switching mechanism used. Movement differential as small as 0.01mm assures high accuracy of detection.
  • Gold plated contact with coil spring capable of switching micro current/voltage load while providing high contact reliability.
  • High resitant to dust, fine particles and water or oil splash, conforming to IP67.
  • Three size (M10, M8, and M5) and three types of actuators (hemispheric, cone shaped, and wobble stick).
Conbraco Industries Apollo 77-100 Series Bronze Ball Valve with Actuator Mounting Pad, Two Piece, Inline, Lever, 1/4" NPT Female
BISS (Conbraco Industries)
  • Made of bronze for higher strength and corrosion resistance than brass
  • Actuator mounting pad for automating the valve
  • Full port flow for higher operating efficiency than standard port
  • Pounds per square inch (gauge) (psig) rating of 600 for water, oil, and gas (WOG) and 150 for saturated steam
  • Female National Pipe Taper (NPT) threads for use with male threaded pipes
UFlex PowerA Electro-Mechanical Actuator
Sports (UFlex USA)

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