Sensors and Actuators A: Physical | Vol 181, Pgs 1-102, (July, 2012)

September 6, 2013 – 11:11
Assaying stem cell mechanobiology on microfabricated elastomeric

Highlights► When using the electrically floated ZnO nanowire array as light absorb layer, the UV detector based on MSM structure obtains excellent photoconductivity and repeatability as well as the yield production can be easily carried out. ► The oxygen exchange mechanism including the oxygen absorption and desorption due to the surface defects and the oxygen exchange process with the ZnO point defects was suggested to responsible for the slow transient properties of the detector. ► Using the transparent polymer as the top passivation layer, the transient performance of the detector is improved greatly with little expense of photocurrent decrease.


Kyocera Kyocera Torque (Sprint)
Wireless (Kyocera)
  • Display: 4.0-inches
  • Camera: 5-MP
  • Processor Speed: 1.2 GHz
  • OS: Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)

Not much more than a 'weak' robot ..

2013-08-20 13:01:53 by EdgingFanFT

Many of the minimum wage jobs will eventually be replaced by robots capable of doing the job more effectively, for longer periods of time, without Breaks and they will never piss and moan about the crappy pay!
.. Face it, this has already happened.
So, where are the jobs going to be in the future? Building robots to replace minimum wage workers who HONESTLY do not want to be doing that $hit job anyway. So get thee to a mechanical trades school or a place teaching Mechatronics. Servos, motors, gears, sensors, transducers and actuators is THE FUTURE!

Automated and Connected Vehicle Technologies: The Automotive Industry's ..  — Area Development Online
This transformation is driven by the proliferation of sensors, actuators, wireless connectivity, and artificial intelligence systems that are enabling vehicles to perceive and react to their environment in ways that human drivers cannot.

Astronaut leads aerospace program to infinity and beyond  — The Daily Cougar
“(The program) deals with things such as materials; engineering that is specific to airspace; electronics; the control systems; how you control sensors, actuators and all those parts; the fluid mechanics — how they fly. … There are many different ..

IBM Looks to Human Brain to Devise New Programming Model  — PC Magazine
It also includes an end-to-end software environment that can be used to create corelets, access the library, experiment with a variety of programs on the simulator, connect the simulator inputs/outputs to sensors/actuators, build systems, and visualize ..

MEMS in Medical Applications Market is Expected to Reach USD 6.5 Billion ..  — PR Newswire
MEMS comprises of miniaturized structures such as sensors, actuators and microelectronics. The prime elements are micro sensors and micro actuators. These are also called as transducers which help in conversion of one form of the energy into another.

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