Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical | Vol 173, Pgs 1-944, (October, 2012)

September 6, 2013 – 11:11
Polymerization of the conducting polymer poly(3,4

Graphical abstract

A new diketopyrrolopyrrole derivative (DPP-4) with two triphenylamine groups was developed as red emission fluorescent sensor for fluoride ion. The fluorescent changes of DPP-4 interact with fluoride ion exhibiting obvious solvent-dependent properties. In acetone, ratiometric channel was activated upon addition of n-Bu4NF, and more than 50 nm red shift from 590 nm to 641 nm was obtained and accompanied with emission color from orange to purple red. In acetonitrile, addition of fluoride caused 50-fold enhancement at 631 nm in emission spectra which be defined as a “turn on” mode. Interestingly, using fluoride and HSO4− anions as two chemical inputs and absorption or fluorescence as output, compound DPP-4 is demonstrated to be a parallel double-INH logic gate in acetonitrile solutions.


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2011-07-02 13:07:29 by SolidRock83

David Hitt is doing a study on this idea...
here's his bio...
avid H. Hitt is a patent attorney and a shareholder of Hitt Gaines, P.C., an intellectual property law firm located in Dallas. He has bachelor’s degrees in both physics and accounting, a master’s degree in taxation, and a J.D. (Juris Doctorate). He is also formally educated in economics, computer science, and mathematics. He specializes in all facets of intellectual property law, with extensive experience in patent procurement in the electrical, mechanical, and computer arts, including: computer architectures; cryptography and cryptanalysis; mathematical models of physical systems; telecommunications systems; optical transmission systems; discrete and integrated circuits; electromagnetic effects;...

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