Three Port Thermal Control Valves

September 6, 2013 – 11:11

three port thermal valve Three Port Thermostatic Control Valves maintain the proper operating temperature within a system thanks to exclusive aerospace technology used for accurate temperature control. These valves are powered by non-electric thermal actuators which are designedfor each customer's specific function needs. These valves are activated by a selected & preset temperature range from 30F to 300F.3 port thermal valve

Typically these valves are installed onsystems where thermal management is needed.three port thermal valveThese valves are usually installed in-line with a heat exchanger and they divert fluid to be cooled when needed,when cooling isn't needed the valve simply bypasses the heat exchanger. The valves sense fluid temperature 100% of the time while the system is on,or off; this valve needs no power source,and functions on a thermal expansion basis. Thermal actuators are at the heart of this valve,and understanding how thermal actuators function is key to understanding how these valves function.

When selecting the proper valve you must consider the following criteria:

  • Needed flow rate;determines what size valve you need
  • Activation temperature; at what point will the valve begin to change ports
  • Fully diverted temperature; at what point betweenwill the valve fully changed ports
  • What type of ports you need for system installation; NPT,BSP,AN,SAE,METRIC

Valve Sizes and Styles:
All three port valves function the same way,what sets them apartis their size, body style,and port type which is determined by the customer's application.

Three Port Valve Examples

Body Style A Features Body Style B Features
  • Male or female ports
  • Multiple port types
  • Swivel head ports
  • Port size up to 1/2" I.D.
  • Multiple body sizes
  • Various body materials
  • Female ports
  • Multiple port types
  • Non-swivel head ports
  • Port size up to 5/8" I.D.
  • One body size
  • Various body materials
Drawing: Valve Sizes & Options Drawing: Valve Size & Options

3 port valve


You can test the EGR using a scanner

2004-05-14 11:51:39 by OBD2

The scanner should be hooked-up and on data monitor screen to see all the values of each sensors and actuators. Engine should be at closed loop. Rev. the engine to 2500 RPM and feel the pintle valve or bottom EGR diaphragm's movement, at the same time look at the scanner reading if the computer turns an EGR ON/OFF command. If your friend said the EGR is working when he applied vacuum, did he use a Vac.pump? or did he just rev. the engine up to 2500 RPM?. I suggest to check the "VSV"- vacuum switching valve for proper voltage. It could be stuck to closed position and not allowing vacuum air to operate the EGR valve or no ground from computer is being delivered on demand

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Jandy Jandy 4717 3-Port 2 to 2-1/2-Inch Positive Seal NeverLube Valve
Lawn & Patio (Jandy)
  • Never requires lubrication
  • Designed for easy automation
  • Made from durable CPVC
  • Proprietary NeverLube technology
  • Maintenance free
SMC Corporation VM130-01-30B-X226 Valve, three 1/8 ports, black pushbutton mushroom actuator, OSHA approved
BISS (SMC Corporation)
  • Price For: (Each) Actuator: Push Button (Mushroom) Brand/Series: VM Series Configuration: Side Ported, 3 Port CV Rating: 0.14 Pressure, Operating: 0 to 1 MPa Size...
Pentair Pentair CVA-24T Valve Actuator, 2 port 24V AC, 180 degree 263045
Home Improvement (Pentair)
  • Automatically turns 2-port and 3-port diverter valves
  • 25ft cord
  • Works on Jandy, Hayward, and Pentair Compool valves

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