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September 6, 2013 – 11:11

click for more views Triad offers a tremendous value in multi-port three and four way valves,The utilization of common bolted on ends and four seated design offers the ability to interchange port configurations and allow every port to be an inlet and/or a blocked flow port.Series 30 - 920 This offers tremendous flexibility,a multitude of flow path options and the ability to use various end connections on each port.Series 33 Ball ValveThe valves have direct mount actuator capabilities,live loaded stem seals making them ideally suited for long service life in mixing,blending and diverting applications. View possible configurations for our multiport ball valves: Flow Direction and Port Configuration Selection Guide.

  • Series 30 - 920
  • Full Port
  • Clamp End
  • Cavity Filled
  • 1/2" through 3"
  • Direct Mount Actuator Pad
  • Specifications
  • Series 33
  • Three way Ball Valve
  • Full Port L or T option
  • Female NPT Threaded Ends
  • 1000 PSI WOG
  • 1/4" through 2"
  • Specifications sonnenschutz vw: multivan startline gardinen curtains sonnenschutz.


(EPC) Solenoid.If locks the TQ up,will kill eng.

2010-03-13 14:37:04 by PutUrHelmetOn

It's like Direct Drive.
Electronic Pressure Control (EPC) Solenoid
The electronic pressure control (EPC) solenoid is a variable force style (VFS) solenoid. The VFS type solenoid is an electro-hydraulic actuator combining a solenoid and a regulating valve.
The powertrain control module (PCM) varies the current to the EPC solenoid.
This action causes the solenoid to regulate transmission line pressure and line modulator pressure

I'm working on a Volvo

2012-09-23 16:54:31 by B4unoit

That is doing what you're talking about. It has a VVT on it and the cam actuator solenoid is bad. The valves will not open because the oil that is suppose to move through the valve is clogged as a cheap oil filter was used and particles have travelled and clogged the orifaces. Now the computer cannot control the solenoid to move the oil that adjusts the cam.
Not sure if your engine has this device on it.

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ICON Group International, Inc. The 2009-2014 World Outlook for Power-Operated, On-Off Mounted Actuators for Industrial Ball Valves
Book (ICON Group International, Inc.)
Conbraco Industries Apollo 77-900 Series Bronze Ball Valve with Actuator Mounting Pad, Two Piece, Inline, Lever, 3/4" Straight Thread Female
BISS (Conbraco Industries)
  • Made of bronze for higher strength and corrosion resistance than brass
  • Zinc-plated steel lever handle with vinyl sleeve for manual on/off control
  • Actuator mounting pad for automated operation
  • Reinforced polytetrafluoroethylene (RPTFE) seats and multifill polytetrafluoroethylene (MPTFE) stem packing for reduced risk of leakage
  • Female straight threads with SAE o-ring boss for greater reusability and less susceptibility to leakage than all-metal connections
ICON Group International, Inc. The 2011 Report on Power-Operated, On-Off Mounted Actuators for Industrial Ball Valves: World Market Segmentation by City
Book (ICON Group International, Inc.)

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