Biffi electric valve actuator distributor Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina

September 6, 2013 – 11:11

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BIFFI Electric Valve Actuator

BIFFI Electric Actuator

The ICON is user friendly with a large LCD display that gives customers up to 64 programmable functions to tailor the actuator to their process. All the electronics and set up buttons are non intrusive.Biffi electric Actuator

The modular design also allows for customers to upgrade units to modulating service or network protocols without having to replace actuators. Quick attachment to quarter turn gear operators allows the ICON to be utilized on both quarter turn and multi turn valves.

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BIFFI FO2 ElectricValve Actuator

BIFFI FO 2 - Keystone EPI 2

Promation Engineering Electric Actuator

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Manual valve control

2012-05-17 19:04:40 by snuffbox

A competent diagnostician would be able to determine if the wiring to the valves is good (a gopher can chew the wire and ruin your day). If one of the wires (say the common) is chuffed, but you have multi-conductor and another wire is available, proper marking (coloured shrink tubing rocks for this), and you can swap to another wire.
In the meantime, if your irrigation valves have manual actuators on them, you should be able to flip them on manually so that plants still get watered - you just have to remember to turn them off too.
I just re-plumbed the 1/2" dripline supply run for a row of rose bushes in front of my house (was easier to pull out all of the original dripline when I went to do a wood-chip project, rather than to work around the dripline), but I had the...

HIPS Instrumentation Process Safety  — OilVoice
Seeking an Engineering Specialist in the area of Instrumentation and Control Systems with Process Safety Instrumentation emphasis, including High Integrity Protection Systems (HIPS); Well Head Safety Systems; and related piping, actuators, valves ..

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