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September 6, 2013 – 11:11

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The new Range Rover Sport is equipped with BWI's latest air suspension and lightweight active roll control actuators

New chassis technologies from BWI Group have been selected to help meet the design challenges of the new Range Rover Sport.The vehicle will use BWI’s latest air suspension and lightweight active roll control (ARC) actuators to allow a combination of luxury,refinement and off-road ability.Both the roll control actuators and the air springs are manufactured at BWI’s plant in Luton,UK.

“High performance SUVs need to provide superb,sports-car-like road holding,outstanding off-road capabilities,and limousine-like comfort, ” explains BWI’s director of suspension system engineering,Doug Carson. “A vehicle with such a wide range of requirements is a real challenge for chassis engineers,as we can’t accept any of the compromises normally required to deliver excellence in one specific area of capability.”

BWI worked with specialist supplier Firestone to develop a new air sleeve for the company’s air suspension modules. A bespoke nylon-reinforced rubber compound was developed with what's been described as exceptional hot and cold climate performance,and the wall thickness was reduced to cut hysteresis. These changes,together with detailed component optimization to reduce friction,are said to help achieve outstanding absorption of small road irregularities.To provide the protection and durability needed for off-road activities,the air sleeves are sheathed in an aluminium restraining guide. Weight has been reduced through careful design analysis and by increased use of aluminum.

BWI technology is also central to the vehicle’s new Dynamic Response system,which is calibrated to almost completely eliminate body roll at cornering forces up to 0.4g. The company is supplying elements of its proven Active Stabiliser Bar System (ASBS),including the all-important ball screw rotary actuators that provide roll-control torque up to 1, 500Nm. When cornering forces are detected,the front and rear actuators apply a counter-acting rotational torque to the vehicle chassis via the cast lever arms of the stabilizer bar system. Independent control of the front and rear roll stiffness allows real-time optimization of the oversteer/understeer characteristic,improving turn-in,comfort and safety.

Source: www.vehicledynamicsinternational.com

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Partial sterling combustion engine design

2008-08-28 18:29:38 by wuzawuzzal

The main idea is to have the cylinders charge and detonate fuel in an computer controlled automated way as to reduce the amount of combustion cycles that would other wise be necessary to keep the engine running.
The piston is directly connected to a pneumatic actuator that extends and retracts to either draw in fresh fuel or expel exhaust gases. A charge is loaded and valves are operated pneumatically to open a path to the drive train or to exhaust spent fuel. A pressure relief valve is installed to prevent over pressure and also to direct excess cylinder pressure to a pressure tank (not shown) to be used to power actuators

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