CVA Range Electric Control Valve Actuators

September 6, 2013 – 11:11
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CVA Range - Linear and Quarter-turn Actuators to Automate Control Valves

The CVA range of linear and quarter-turn actuators provide an electrically powered process control operator suitable for most control valve types and sizes. The CVA sets a new standard for process control and valve actuation.

Rotork has proven expertise in applying new technologies in the automation of valves to bring enhanced performance and innovative features. This philosophy has now been applied to a new range designed specifically for the exacting demands of process control, specfically continous modulating control valve applications.

Using the combination of advanced actuator engineering and process control experience, plus specification input from major control valve end users, Rotork has produced a range of control valve actuators that are unique in the industry and provide solutions to many common control issues.

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Partial sterling combustion engine design

2008-08-28 18:29:38 by wuzawuzzal

The main idea is to have the cylinders charge and detonate fuel in an computer controlled automated way as to reduce the amount of combustion cycles that would other wise be necessary to keep the engine running.
The piston is directly connected to a pneumatic actuator that extends and retracts to either draw in fresh fuel or expel exhaust gases. A charge is loaded and valves are operated pneumatically to open a path to the drive train or to exhaust spent fuel. A pressure relief valve is installed to prevent over pressure and also to direct excess cylinder pressure to a pressure tank (not shown) to be used to power actuators

67 T-Bird Vacuum System

2009-02-12 20:04:56 by 67-bird

I am restoring a 67 bird where almost everything is operated by vacuum lines including the power door locks. I have replaced all vacuum hoses and replaced the door lock actuators with new old stock and also replaced the locking and unlocking vacuum valves (three times). Is there anyone out there who has experience with the 67 Thunderbirds equiped with vacuum operated door locks? If so do you have any suggestions?

Lindal aims at eliminating the need for overcap with new actuator  — Premium beauty
The Lindal Group, a global developer and manufacturer of valves, actuators and spray caps for aerosol products used in pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food applications, recently launched a new twist-lock, overcap-free actuator that it claims to ..

Lindal Group Provides Aerosol Solution for Olive Oil  — Packaging Europe
.. the spray olive oils are a delight to use,” said Brand. The LINDAL Group is a worldwide leader in the development and manufacture of valves, actuators and spray caps for aerosol products and is renowned for its innovative packaging solutions.

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