Reduce car manufacturing costs with electric servo welding actuators

September 6, 2013 – 11:11
Electric actuator 220/230/380/400V, electronic,remote control

Car manufacturers serving US and European markets have long recognized buyers’ demands for high quality and affordability. Those are worldwide requirements now, and manufacturers all over the world are taking notice. To increase quality and control costs manufacturers are turning to more sophisticated automation technologies, like industrial robots.

Robots are used for resistance spot welding in automotive manufacturing because the speed, consistency and quality they deliver make them a good investment. Plus robots can be reprogrammed as changes happen in the vehicles to be produced.

But even the most sophisticated robot needs a linear motion control device to deliver weld tips to the right place at the right time with the right force. Pneumatic welding actuators used to be popular, but their problems with consistency, weld quality, cost, and speed have led manufacturers to another solution – the electric servo actuator.

Electric servo welding actuators provide a number of cost advantages over their pneumatic predecessors.Consistent weld force – Electric servo welding actuators offer precise control of the force applied to the weld tips and near-perfect repeatability. Their consistent performance yields repeated, high quality welds and longer weld tip life. Pneumatic systems are prone to air pressure fluctuations which lead to inconsistent welding force and faster tip wear.

Speed – Electric servo welding actuators can make small, precise moves quickly. Because they operate with a smaller fixed open setting, they offer shorter weld cycles and higher throughput than pneumatic actuators.

Programmability – Servo welding actuators can be reprogrammed for new applications, allowing them to adapt to the changing needs of the plant.

Life cycle cost – Even though an electric actuator can cost up to five times more than a pneumatic actuator, it lasts much longer (20 million welds versus 3 million). Also, electric robotic actuators are more efficient, operating at 74% efficiency as compared to 17.5% for pneumatic systems.



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