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September 6, 2013 – 11:11
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Title: Actuators1

  • By Steven Freeman
  • 10/6/04
  • Types
  • Uses
  • Costs
  • Standards
  • Vendors
  • Technical Paper
  • References
  • Summary
  • Electrical
  • Ac and dc motors
  • Stepper motors
  • solenoids
  • Hydraulic
  • Use hydraulic fluid to actuate motion
  • Pneumatic
  • Use compressed air to actuate motion
  • All three types of actuators are in use today
  • Electric actuators are the type most commonly
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic systems allow for
    increased force and torque from smaller motor
  • There are some dual function actuators
  • i.e. rotation and translation
  • Actuators are used everywhere there is automation
  • robot, conveyor system, etc.
  • Electric motors used for high precision
  • Precise robot applications such as automotive and
  • Now up to 10, 000 lbf
  • Hydraulic actuators used for increased torque
  • High force and torque applications up to 32, 000
  • High precision achievable
  • Pneumatic actuators are used for lower cost and
    lower precision applications
  • AC Electric Motor price range
  • 100 to 7, 100
  • ¼ HP to 100 HP
  • 19lbs to 1429lbs
  • 1800 rpm
  • 120 to 230 input voltage
  • Up to 1024 pulses per revolution
  • high force-density, precise control, and long
    operating life
  • Thrusts from 500 to 32, 000 pounds force _at_ 2, 500
  • Stroke lengths ranging from fractions of an inch
    to 40 inches
  • Can provide up to 448, 000 lb.ins torque, and are
    typically used as valve actuators in the rotary
    actuator format
  • linear actuator travel is from 0.005 to 6 inches
    per second
  • Resolution can be as fine as 0.002 inches
    accuracy with 100 repeatability
  • Marvin Minsky developed the Tentacle Arm, which
    moved like an octopus. It had twelve joints
    designed to reach around obstacles. A PDP-6
    computer controlled the arm, powered by hydraulic
    fluids. Mounted on a wall, it could lift the
    weight of a person
  • Amplifier or driver Unit
  • Amplify electric power coming from controller
  • 30 to 3, 500
  • Encoder
  • Identify location of motor
  • Gripper, conveyor, rollers, or other actuation
  • Standards Based on application
  • Cheap low quality actuators
  • Expensive high quality high precisions actuators
  • Torque and force requirements
  • Position holding when not moving
  • Electric Motors
  • Marathon Electric
  • Automation Direct
  • Solenoid
  • Hydraulic Systems
  • M-MAC Actuators
  • PHD Inc.
  • Pnuematic
  • Parker

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Springer Piezoelectric Actuators and Ultrasonic Motors (Electronic Materials: Science & Technology)
Book (Springer)

Music theory or how to build a robot:

2007-02-08 15:36:55 by wuzawuzzal

I am trying to build an artificial muscle using piezoelectric materials as valves. The theory is that by stringing many of theses tiny valves together along one wire I will be able to control many different actuators with different frequencies of electricty. Each valve will be made of a different piece of piezomaterial that reacts only to a specific frequency.
Thinking more into it... It seems natural (for motion anyway) to use frequency (as opposed to voltage) as a method of control. And the way "music" could be introduced as a means of choriographibng complex movements in artificial systems

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Springer Piezoelectric Multilayer Beam Bending Actuators: Static and Dynamic Behavior and Aspects of Sensor Integration (Microtechnology and MEMS)
Book (Springer)
CRC Press Piezoelectric Actuators: Control Applications of Smart Materials
Book (CRC Press)
VDM Verlag A Combined Piezoelectric and Composite Actuator: A Novel Piezoelectric-Composite-Actuator and Its Application to Wing/Blade Tip
Book (VDM Verlag)

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