Functional Fenestration, Inc.

September 6, 2013 – 11:11

FFI Actuator & Control Systems
Functional Fenestration Inc (FFI) is the North American expert and market leader in motorized actuators and controls for windows, vents, and skylights.

Since 1987 FFI has served the construction community with quality architectural hardware and motorized solutions for fenestration (doors, windows & skylights).

FFI clients include manufacturers and re-sellers of doors, windows, skylights and hardware; building facade and glazing fabricators; and curtain wall manufacturers. We also provide solutions for architects, contractors and building automation specialists.

FFI only recommends UL compliant systems.
FFI is a UL approved manufacturer of FFI UL Control Panel Systems with Actuators.

Applications for Actuator systemsCommercial, institutional and residentialapplications includemoreNatural ventilation and smoke evacuation projects.Almost any operable opening in a building facade can be automated: awning windows (top-hinged), hopper windows (bottom-hinged), casement windows (side-hinged), parallel windows (hinged on 4 sides), storefront glazing, skylights, curtain wall vents, and other vents.Actuators help green building goals & energy conservationNatural ventilation systems, such as operable windows and skylights, conserve energy by reducing air conditioning and heating use.LEED credits can be earned under Indoor Environmental Quality for Natural Ventilation, Daylighting and Views.Low-voltage DC actuators are energy efficient.Links to Green Building Information.Basic Types of Actuators for Automationoperator in one unit.Chain actuators are activated by a chain, and UL recognized models are available (EM, FM, LM, Quasar, Vega).Linear actuators for humid environments, sliding windows and other special applications.Truth WLS window motors are ideal for retrofit and residential.

Ask FFI for help with recommendations for your project requirements.

Vega and Quasar UL Recognized, AC/DC ActuatorsSHE certified.Vega have attractive casing and are self-adjusting at closure. Synchro-Vega is for wide vents needing 2 to 4 motors. Twin-Vega Synchro is two actuators in one case.Quasar are high force actuators and are self-adjusting at closure. Synchro-Quasar is for wide vents needing 2 to 4 motors. Twin-Quasar Synchro is two actuators in one case.Quasar-L is a longer Quasar for larger openings. Synchro-Quasar-L is for extra-wide vents needing 2 to 4 motors.CDi and EasyDrive CDi (Chain Drive integrated) are actuators to be designed into a window or curtain wall profile.

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Dorman Dorman 746-302 Door Lock Actuator for Honda Accord/Civic/CR-V/Odyssey/Pilot
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Dorman)
  • Direct replacement for a proper fit every time
  • High quality electric motor
  • Durable construction
  • Vehicle try-on testing has been conducted on this part to ensure trouble-free performance

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2007-01-22 18:36:44 by SJSS

Lots of replacement windows are No name though their parts are used by many fabricators.
Manufacturer: The company who runs off the parts..Some don't put windows together..
Fabricators: They buy the parts and put the windows together...
1. Remove it and bring it to a window or glass shop for identification and possible fix..
The windows are tilt in type's... Thier removeable too. Slide the finger actuators on top towards the center and pull the top of the window in until the winow is 90 degrees to the frame. slide up one side until it dislodges. Bottom sash first then the top sash

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