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September 6, 2013 – 11:11

MB08 Temperature And Rain Sensor

We offer a range of electric window openers, single chain openers, twin chain openers for larger windows requiring two push pointsV8 Aqua Temperature Control Panel . and linear actuators for rooflites and large heavy windows

Single Chain Window Openers

ACK4 230v or 24v electric window opener, MAC4 Window Opener, C20 Window Opener, suits skylights, top hung, bottom hung and standard casement windows, adjustable opening from 100 - 400mm, Supermaster heavy duty window opener for windows requiring a large opening, Sintesi electric opener, Quasar, Quasar L, Vega, VCD and ACI window openers with smaller profiles when space is an issue or the new Eltral KS30/40 Window Opener With Built In Remote Option

Twin Chain Window Openers For Large Windows

Twinmaster window opener 24v Suitable for smoke control and large heavy windows , C240 for wide windows and roof vents, Twinpower master for large windows

Linear Actuators For Roof Vents & Dome Windows

Max Actuator for roof vents and domes, Rack Actuator for roof vents or domes, Dual and double rack for heavy vents and dome windows, SL60 Actuator, PL linear window openers for large heavy windows roof vents or domes

Panels and Switches

Smoke control panels, smoke alarms, firemans overide switches, AOV smoke ventilation, automatic opening vents

ST70 Climate control panel, automatic closing with termostat control and rain sensors

ideal for conservatories and orangaries, RRT Remote control window opener options, Key fob remote controls

MB08 Proportional Temperature Control Panel

Proportional Temperature Control Panel £109.95 +VAT

Thermostat Sensor £13.95 +VAT

Rain Sensor £17.95 +VAT

Remote Control £29.95 +VAT

Standard Kit Without Remote £141.85 +VAT

Remote Kit c/w Remote Control £157.85 +VAT

Technical Information

Block Diagram, Fitting Instructions

V8 Aqua Proportional Temperature Control Panel IP65

Fully IP65 protected for moisture protection

Proportional Temperature Control Panel £180.95 +VAT

Thermostat Sensor £13.95 +VAT

Rain Sensor £17.95 +VAT

Remote Control Kit £29.95 +VAT

V8 Standard Kit Without Remote £212.85 +VAT

V8 Remote Kit c/w Remote Control £242.80 +VAT

MB06 Temperature Control Panel Somfy Remote Reciever


Dorman Dorman 746-302 Door Lock Actuator for Honda Accord/Civic/CR-V/Odyssey/Pilot
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Dorman)
  • Direct replacement for a proper fit every time
  • High quality electric motor
  • Durable construction
  • Vehicle try-on testing has been conducted on this part to ensure trouble-free performance

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2007-01-22 18:36:44 by SJSS

Lots of replacement windows are No name though their parts are used by many fabricators.
Manufacturer: The company who runs off the parts..Some don't put windows together..
Fabricators: They buy the parts and put the windows together...
1. Remove it and bring it to a window or glass shop for identification and possible fix..
The windows are tilt in type's... Thier removeable too. Slide the finger actuators on top towards the center and pull the top of the window in until the winow is 90 degrees to the frame. slide up one side until it dislodges. Bottom sash first then the top sash

Lindal aims at eliminating the need for overcap with new actuator  — Premium beauty
The Lindal Group, a global developer and manufacturer of valves, actuators and spray caps for aerosol products used in pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food applications, recently launched a new twist-lock, overcap-free actuator that it claims to ..

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