Teleflex Window Gear from Anglia Locks and Doors

September 6, 2013 – 11:10

Teleflex windor opener Teleflex window opening equipment is the ideal solution for controlling high level ventalation and windows in inaccessible positions. This range of products is widely used in schools,hospitals,offices,factories and disabled housing. It is adaptable to a wide range of applications and easy to fit.Teleflex window winder

The Teleflex system uses a unique helix cable which acts a a flexible rack to enable a strong push-pull action. A number of different winding handles and window actuators are available to suit the particular installation and a number of windows can be ganged so they can be controlled by a single winder.

The system can be used for new build or installed retrospectively. Automated solutions are also available.

Contact Anglia Locks and Doors for full details 01502 587929

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  • Limited 1 year manufacturer warranty

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2007-01-22 18:36:44 by SJSS

Lots of replacement windows are No name though their parts are used by many fabricators.
Manufacturer: The company who runs off the parts..Some don't put windows together..
Fabricators: They buy the parts and put the windows together...
1. Remove it and bring it to a window or glass shop for identification and possible fix..
The windows are tilt in type's... Thier removeable too. Slide the finger actuators on top towards the center and pull the top of the window in until the winow is 90 degrees to the frame. slide up one side until it dislodges. Bottom sash first then the top sash

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